Overview of iPad Air case weights

Apple released the new iPad Air and the iPad Air smart case last week here in Europe. There was no choice of cases in the store so I decided to look for an iPad Air case online. This was more difficult than expected due to the lack of information around iPad smart cases and their weights. Of course I wanted the iPad Air case to be as light as possible but also comfortabele to carry and use. I was specifically seeking a hard cover case which is light in weight. I hope the below summary of iPad Air smart cases will help you find your case and save some time searching for it because these weight details are hard to find.

Official Apple iPad Air smart case, weight: 150 grams

iPad air smart case


Case Logic Snapview for iPad Air case, weight: 270 grams


Case logic snapview iPad air


Kensington Hard Folio Case Apple iPad Air, weight 298.5 grams



Targus Click In iPad Air Case, weight: 281 grams


Targus Click in iPad Air case


Targus Triad Case for iPad Air, weight: 190.5 grams

Targus triad case iPad Air

Incipio LGND Hard Shell Convertible Case, weight: 187 grams

Incipio LGND


Incipio Lexington Hard Shell Folio Case, weight: 198 grams


Incipio Lexington

If you find other cases, please comment on this post below so this overview gets better:-).